New Year, Same Me (only wiser)

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I look forward to that fresh-start-feeling of a new year each January 1st. I’ve been one of those “new year, new me” type of people in the past. And after a year like 2020, I haven’t talked to a single person yet who is not looking forward to a new year and hoping 2021 treats us with a bit more compassion and care.

The thing about a “new me” on January 1st though is that it’s simply not true. We don’t go to bed on December 31st one person and wake up on January 1st a whole new being. Many people dream of achieving their financial, health, career, etc. goals after the new year. But achieving goals takes time and consistency. It’s not something we magically start doing on January 1st and achieve by January 2nd.

Anyone who has set a New Year’s Resolution knows this to be true. Yet, we still make those resolutions anyway.

2020 was stressful. It started out on the wrong foot and seemed to continue to roll down hill. I had big goals for 2020. I achieved one, went backwards on another, and some were totally forgotten.

But, I went into the year wiser and smarter than I was going into 2019. I wasn’t a “new me” going into 2020 but a “layered me” with new layers of experience from the previous years. In 2019, I participated in an extensive self-development program which helped me learn to accept what I could not control and to focus more on my own actions and reactions. It helped me learn to let things go. These new skills allowed me to handle the stress of 2020 much better than I would have in prior years. I still struggled but I do not think it was as severe as it would have been.

After enduring the stress and hardships of 2020, I know I am going into 2021 as the same me but again wiser with a new layer of experience. I believe as each year passes things won’t get easier but I’ll be stronger, wiser, and ready for the challenges that come.

2021, I welcome you with open arms. I don’t expect you to go easy on me (although I wouldn’t mind it if you did). But I do expect to be able to handle whatever you hold for me with more skill and ingenuity than in years past.



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Mary Kate Lewis

Mary Kate Lewis

Radical self-responsibility. Living free. Working hard. Homebirth x2, breastfeeding, baby wearing, anti-RIC.